This track is composed of extended versions of award winning papers from select AI conferences. The specific award for each paper is indicated below.

Optimal Torpedo Scheduling

CP 2017 Best Student Paper Award
Adrian Goldwaser, Andreas Schutt

Rationalisation of Profiles of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks: Characterisation and Complexity

AAMAS 2016 Best Paper Award
Stéphane Airiau, Elise Bonzon, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet, Julien Rossit

Welfare Effects of Market Making in Continuous Double Auctions

AAMAS 2015 Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Student Paper Award
Elaine Wah, Mason Wright, Michael P. Wellman

Market Interfaces for Electric Vehicle Charging

The Best Innovative Applications Paper, AAMAS 2016
Sebastian Stein, Enrico H. Gerding, Adrian Nedea, Avi Rosenfeld, Nicholas R. Jennings

Semantic Visualization with Neighborhood Graph Regularization

AAAI 2014 Honorable Mention for Outstanding Paper
Tuan M. V. Le, Hady W. Lauw

Predicting Twitter User Demographics using Distant Supervision from Website Traffic Data

AAAI 2015 Outstanding Paper Honorable Mention
Aron Culotta, Nirmal Kumar Ravi, Jennifer Cutler

A Compositional Framework for Grounding Language Inference, Generation, and Acquisition in Video

ACL 2013 Best Paper Award
Haonan Yu, N. Siddharth, Andrei Barbu, Jeffrey Mark Siskind

Weighted Electoral Control

AAMAS 2013 Best Paper Award Finalist
Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Hemaspaandra, Lane A. Hemaspaandra

Sensitivity of Diffusion Dynamics to Network Uncertainty

AAAI 2013 Honorable Mention for Best Paper
A. Adiga, C. J. Kuhlman, H. S. Mortveit, A. K. S. Vullikanti

Probabilistic Inference in Credal Networks: New Complexity Results

UAI 2013 Best Student Paper
D. D. Maua, C. P. de Campos, A. Benavoli, A. Antonucci

Improving Delete Relaxation Heuristics Through Explicitly Represented Conjunctions

ICAPS 2012 Best Paper Award
E. Keyder, J. Hoffmann, P. Haslum

HC-Search: A Learning Framework for Search-based Structured Prediction

AAAI 2013 Outstanding Paper Award
J.R. Doppa, A. Fern, P. Tadepalli

Game-Theoretic Patrolling with Dynamic Execution Uncertainty and a Case Study on a Real Transit System

AAMAS 2013 Best Paper Award Finalist
F.M. Delle Fave, A.X. Jiang, Z. Yin, C. Zhang, M. Tambe, S. Kraus, J. P. Sullivan

Modelling Observation Correlations for Active Exploration and Robust Object Detection

ICAPS 2011 Best Student Paper
J. Velez, G. Hemann, A. S. Huang, I. Posner, N. Roy

Plan-based Policies for Efficient Multiple Battery Load Management

ICAPS 2011 Best Paper Award
M. Fox, D. Long, D. Magazzeni

Completeness Guarantees for Incomplete Ontology Reasoners: Theory and Practice

AAAI 2010 Outstanding Paper Award
B. Cuenca Grau, B. Motik, G. Stoilos, I. Horrocks

Computing All-Pairs Shortest Paths by Leveraging Low Treewidth

ICAPS 2011 Honorable Mention for Best Student Paper
L. R. Planken, M. M. de Weerdt, R. P.J. van der Krogt

SAS+ Planning as Satisfiability

AAAI 2010 Outstanding Paper Award
R. Huang, Y. Chen, W. Zhang

Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Large-Scale Agent-Based Micro-Storage in the Smart Grid

AAMAS 2010 iRobot Best Paper Award and Honorable Mention for the 2016 IJCAI-JAIR Best Paper Prize
P. Vytelingum, T. D. Voice, S. D. Ramchurn, A. Rogers, N. R. Jennings

Towards Flexible Teamwork

2012 IFAAMAS Award for Influential Papers in Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
M. Tambe

A Market-Oriented Programming Environment and its Application to Distributed Multicommodity Flow Problems

2012 IFAAMAS Award for Influential Papers in Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
M. P. Wellman