Guest Editors

Giuseppe De Giacomo
Yevgeny Kazakov
Frank Wolter

Special Track Contents

Over the past two decades, Description Logics (DLs) have grown tremendously in popularity both within the AI community and beyond, due to the balanced trade-off they offer between expressivity and complexity of reasoning. The current success of DLs is the result of many years of rigorous research carried out by the DL community, which has yielded not only beautiful theoretical results but also powerful systems and im- portant practical applications. Notably, DLs provide the logical underpinning of ontology languages (including the W3C standard OWL), making them relevant to a variety of application domains, such as semantic web, medical informatics, life sciences, e-commerce, etc.

This Special Track commemorates the 25th edition of the International Workshop on Description Logics, the main annual meeting of researchers in the description logics community. The objective of this special track is to showcase the best of current DL research. The Track received 17 submissions of which the following seven papers for publication in the special track. These papers provide some deep insights into the current state of the art of DL research and the kind of technical tools, problems and applications the scientific community is focussing on.