Maximisation of Admissible Multi-Objective Heuristics

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Patrik Haslum
Ryan Xiao Wang


In multi-objective (MO) heuristic search, solution costs, as well as heuristic values, are sets of multi-dimensional cost vectors, representing possible non-dominated trade-offs between objectives. The maximum of two or more such vector sets, which is an important operation in creating informative admissible MO heuristics, can be defined in several ways: Geißer et al. recently proposed two MO maximum operators, the component-wise maximum (comax) and the anti-dominance maximum (admax), which represent different trade-offs between informativeness and computational cost. We show that the anti-dominance maximum is not admissibility-preserving, and propose an alternative, the “select one” maximum (somax). We also show that the comax operator is the greatest admissibility-preserving MO maximum, and briefly investigate its efficient implementation. The conclusion of our experimental results is that somax achieves a trade-off similar to that intended with admax – cheaper to compute but less informed – also when compared to an improved comax implementation.

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