sunny-as2: Enhancing SUNNY for Algorithm Selection

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Tong Liu
Roberto Amadini
Maurizio Gabbrielli
Jacopo Mauro


SUNNY is an Algorithm Selection (AS) technique originally tailored for Constraint Programming (CP). SUNNY is based on the k-nearest neighbors algorithm and enables one to schedule, from a portfolio of solvers, a subset of solvers to be run on a given CP problem. This approach has proved to be effective for CP problems.

In 2015, the ASlib benchmarks were released for comparing AS systems coming from disparate fields (e.g., ASP, QBF, and SAT) and SUNNY was extended to deal with generic AS problems. This led to the development of sunny-as, a prototypical algorithm selector based on SUNNY for ASlib scenarios. A major improvement of sunny-as, called sunny-as2, was then submitted to the Open Algorithm Selection Challenge (OASC) in 2017, where it turned out to be the best approach for the runtime minimization of decision problems.

In this work we present the technical advancements of sunny-as2, by detailing through several empirical evaluations and by providing new insights. Its current version, built on the top of the preliminary version submitted to OASC, is able to outperform sunny-as and other state-of-the-art AS methods, including those who did not attend the challenge.

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