Conditional Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty and Resources

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Carlo Combi
Roberto Posenato
Luca Viganò
Matteo Zavatteri


Conditional simple temporal networks with uncertainty (CSTNUs) allow for the representation of temporal plans subject to both conditional constraints and uncertain durations.   Dynamic controllability (DC) of CSTNUs ensures the existence of an execution strategy able to execute the network in real time (i.e., scheduling the time points under control) depending on how these two uncontrollable parts behave. However, CSTNUs do not deal with resources.

In this paper, we define conditional simple temporal networks with uncertainty and resources (CSTNURs) by injecting resources and runtime resource constraints (RRCs) into the specification.  Resources are mandatory for executing the time points and their availability is represented through temporal expressions, whereas RRCs restrict resource availability by further temporal constraints among resources.

We provide a fully-automated encoding to translate any CSTNUR into an equivalent timed game automaton in polynomial time for a sound and complete DC-checking.

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