Rank Pruning for Dominance Queries in CP-Nets

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Kathryn Laing
Peter Adam Thwaites
John Paul Gosling


Conditional preference networks (CP-nets) are a graphical representation of a person’s (conditional) preferences over a set of discrete features. In this paper, we introduce a novel method of quantifying preference for any given outcome based on a CP-net representation of a user’s preferences. We demonstrate that these values are useful for reasoning about user preferences. In particular, they allow us to order (any subset of) the possible outcomes in accordance with the user’s preferences. Further, these values can be used to improve the efficiency of outcome dominance testing. That is, given a pair of outcomes, we can determine which the user prefers more efficiently. Through experimental results, we show that this method is more effective than existing techniques for improving dominance testing efficiency. We show that the above results also hold for CP-nets that express indifference between variable values.

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