Vol. 67 (2020)

Published: 2020-01-12

The Force Awakens: Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Law

Marco Lippi, Giuseppe Contissa, Agnieszka Jablonowska, Francesca Lagioia, Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Przemyslaw Palka, Giovanni Sartor, Paolo Torroni


Saturated Cost Partitioning for Optimal Classical Planning

Jendrik Seipp, Thomas Keller, Malte Helmert


The 2^k Neighborhoods for Grid Path Planning

Nicolás Rivera, Carlos Hernández, Nicolás Hormazábal, Jorge A Baier


The Impact of Treewidth on Grounding and Solving of Answer Set Programs

Bernhard Bliem, Michael Morak, Marius Moldovan, Stefan Woltran


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