P. Gutierrez and P. Meseguer (2012) "Removing Redundant Messages in N-ary BnB-ADOPT", Volume 45, pages 287-304

PDF | PostScript | doi:10.1613/jair.3696
Appendix - Erratum

This note considers how to modify BnB-ADOPT, a well-known algorithm for optimally solving distributed constraint optimization problems, with a double aim: (i) to avoid sending most of the redundant messages and (ii) to handle cost functions of any arity. Some of the messages exchanged by BnB-ADOPT turned out to be redundant. Removing most of the redundant messages increases substantially communication efficiency: the number of exchanged messages is - in most cases - at least three times fewer (keeping the other measures almost unchanged), and termination and optimality are maintained. On the other hand, handling n-ary cost functions was addressed in the original work, but the presence of thresholds makes their practical usage more complex. Both issues - removing most of the redundant messages and efficiently handling n-ary cost functions - can be combined, producing the new version BnB-ADOPT+. Experimentally, we show the benefits of this version over the original one.

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