J. Lee and R. Palla (2012) "Reformulating the Situation Calculus and the Event Calculus in the General Theory of Stable Models and in Answer Set Programming", Volume 43, pages 571-620

PDF | PostScript | doi:10.1613/jair.3489

Circumscription and logic programs under the stable model semantics are two well-known nonmonotonic formalisms. The former has served as a basis of classical logic based action formalisms, such as the situation calculus, the event calculus and temporal action logics; the latter has served as a basis of a family of action languages, such as language A and several of its descendants. Based on the discovery that circumscription and the stable model semantics coincide on a class of canonical formulas, we reformulate the situation calculus and the event calculus in the general theory of stable models. We also present a translation that turns the reformulations further into answer set programs, so that efficient answer set solvers can be applied to compute the situation calculus and the event calculus.

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