R. El-Yaniv and D. Pechyony (2009) "Transductive Rademacher Complexity and its Applications", Volume 35, pages 193-234

PDF | PostScript | doi:10.1613/jair.2587

We develop a technique for deriving data-dependent error bounds for transductive learning algorithms based on transductive Rademacher complexity. Our technique is based on a novel general error bound for transduction in terms of transductive Rademacher complexity, together with a novel bounding technique for Rademacher averages for particular algorithms, in terms of their "unlabeled-labeled" representation. This technique is relevant to many advanced graph-based transductive algorithms and we demonstrate its effectiveness by deriving error bounds to three well known algorithms. Finally, we present a new PAC-Bayesian bound for mixtures of transductive algorithms based on our Rademacher bounds.

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