Editorial Charter

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of important research results to the global artificial intelligence (AI) community. The journal’s scope encompasses all areas of AI, including agents and multi-agent systems, automated reasoning, constraint processing and search, knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language, planning and scheduling, robotics and vision, and uncertainty in AI.

Articles published in JAIR must meet the highest quality standards, as measured by originality and significance of the contribution, and the clarity of exposition. Papers should describe work that has both practical and theoretical significance. Authors must clearly articulate all claims, and support them by empirical experiments or theoretical analyses. When appropriate, we encourage authors to implement their work and demonstrate its utility on significant problems; any experiments reported should be reproducible. Papers describing systems should clearly describe their contributions and the principles underlying them. Papers describing theoretical results should also discuss their practical utility. In general, it should be clear how the work advances the current state of understanding, why the advance matters, and how these advances can be exploited in practice or by other researchers. Papers should report on what was learned in doing the work, rather than merely what was done.

Authors must clearly acknowledge the contributions of their predecessors. If a paper introduces new terminology or techniques, it should also explain why current terminology or techniques are insufficient.

We encourage authors to be concise. Short, high-quality articles are welcome, in addition to the more lengthy articles that traditionally appear in AI journals. JAIR also publishes research notes and survey articles. Research notes are very brief papers that extend or evaluate previous work. Research notes typically focus on a very specific problem or technique already acknowledged in the literature to be of some significance. Survey articles are tutorials or literature reviews that contribute an analysis or perspective that advance our understanding of the subject matter and make it accessible to a broad community of researchers or practitioners. Given the importance of survey articles, JAIR has a separate set of Guidelines for Survey Articles.

All potential authors should refer to our Information for Authors and detailed Submission Requirements prior to submission.